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    B-LINE natural energy was created in a home kitchen with a mixer, a bucket of molasses and two friends with a passion for mountain biking and eating real food. They knew one thing (maybe two), there was an industry need for all-natural, real food fuel for the endurance athlete and a tiny mixer wasn't going to be big enough. Skipping past the hours of kitchen time, taste bud trials and about 18 different recipes, B-LINE was born!

    Athletes come in many shapes, sizes and exercise disciplines. Some bike or hike in the woods, others swim numerous laps, run 13k's then hop on a bike for miles on the open road. Our original flavors (Red and Blue) fulfill a great need for those in the wood, hikers, mountain bikers or anyone in need of a quick boost of energy, but there were a few pieces missing.  What about folks training for hours on end, pushing their bodies to maximum exertion, who also need recovery nutrition? We needed an expert and a guide to make the connection. 

    While attempting to expand B-LINE marketing horizons, the B team was introduced to a local marketing agency.  They knew the perfect endurance athlete, just like that runner, distance road biker and endurance swimmer. In seeking feedback from that untapped market, B-LINE was connected to our now partner-in-crime and product co-brand'er, Coach Jamey Yon, an endurance athlete with over 30 years experience. Oh and let us mention he's also a 20 x Ironman. Yea, legit.

    In the words of Jamey, “I have used many different brands of the energy gels for training and racing. I really like B-LINE natural energy with the incredible, all-natural ingredients, in its resealable package that makes it easy to use on the go, but the line was needing a bit more sodium and protein for recovery."

    B-LINE ran (almost literally) with his feedback and piggybacked using the momentum of their current flavors and surged forward with new product development and Jamey's guidance. He knew the all-natural, energy food was great in concept BUT what about a new flavor? A new recipe? New and different ingredients?; etc., etc.

    Primed for change and the B-evolution, it was only logical to formally partner with Jamey Yon and his TRiYON Performance Group to flush out and bring to market two additional product lines: "racing-FUEL" and "re-FUEL". The resulting recipes provided the nutrition needed during a workout and recovery. racing-FUEL contains the perfect electrolyte balance, which is essential to performance and endurance, while re-FUEL contains 10 grams of whey protein, a vital component of rebuilding muscles and replenishing the body after a tough workout.

    Our B-LINE natural energy + TriYON partnership provides these new flavors expanding the B-LINE family:

    Three delicious racing-FUELs:

    • Banana, strawberry, maple and sea salt
    • Beet, mango, maple and sea salt
    • Dark chocolate, espresso, maple and sea salt (Jamey’s favorite)

    The amazing re-FUEL:

    • Apple, cinnamon, maple, whey, honey

    But don’t forget the originals:

    • Red: pomegranate, banana, honey, maple, coconut
    • Blue: honey, molasses, maple, raspberry, Chia seeds

    For best results, use the racing-FUELs before and during workouts and use the re-FUEL within 30 minutes after a workout.  Grab the OG flavors for an anytime pick me up, snack or a ride in the woods.

    Jamey is so confident in this B-LINE natural energy and TRiYON Performance group partnership, the flavors and the concept that he “guarantees you will notice a difference with your sustained energy and faster recovery times.” TriYON Performance and B-LINE natural energy hope that you enjoy our line extensions and experience the difference they make in your performance.

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