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    B-LINE natural energy was created a few years ago to fill an industry need of an all-natural, real food fuel for the endurance athlete.  Athletes come in many shapes, sizes and practices. Some bike or hike in the woods, others run or bike miles on the road, while many combine disciplines into one event.  Our original flavors (red and blue) fulfill a great need for those in the wood, hikers, mountain biker, campers, etc. but, for those who choose to bike and run for miles on the open road, there was a piece missing from B-LINE natural energy.

    While attempting to expand its marketing horizons the B-LINE team met an agency that knew an endurance athlete of that runner, distance road biker type.  Seeking feedback from this untapped market B-LINE agreed to provide some samples and received this feedback from Mr. Jamey Yon, an endurance athlete of over 30 years:

    “I have used many different brands of the energy gels for training and racing. I really like this product with the incredible, all-natural ingredients, in its resealable package that makes it easy to use on the go but the only thing missing was a bit more sodium.  Sodium creates an electrolyte balance that is perfect for fuel.”

    B-LINE accepted this feedback with grace but decided to use the momentum of their current flavors and surge forward.  During the surge forward the B-LINE team continued to receive feedback like Jamey’s: the all-natural is great in concept BUT what about: a new flavor? a new idea? New and different ingredients? etc., etc.

    Humble in heart and ready for change the B-LINE team re-connected with Jamey Yon, of TRiYON Performance, and this new partnership has developed two new product lines: "racing fuel" and "refuel," providing the exact nutrition needed during your workout and your recovery. Racing fuel contains the perfect electrolyte balance, which is essential to performance and endurance, while the refuel contains protein, a vital component of rebuilding and replenishing the body after a tough workout.

     Our B-LINE/TriYon partnership now provides these new flavors to add to the B-LINE collection:

    Three delicious racing fuel flavors:

    • Banana, strawberry, maple and sea salt
    • Beet, mango, maple and sea salt
    • Dark chocolate, espresso, maple and sea salt (Jamey’s favorite)

    An amazing refuel flavor:

    • Apple, cinnamon, maple, whey, honey

    But don’t forget the originals:

    • Red: pomegranate, banana, honey, maple, coconut
    • Blue: honey, molasses, maple, raspberry, chia seeds

    For best results: use the racing fuels before and during workouts and races and use the refuel within 30 minutes after a and the original flavors for anytime pick me up, snacking or a ride in the woods!

    Jamey is so confident in this new partnership, flavors and concept he “guarantees you will notice a difference with your sustained energy and your faster recovery times.” TriYon Performance and B-LINE natural energy hope that you enjoy our new products and experience the difference they make in your performance!

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