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    "I found both of the flavors incredibly tasty, and they weren’t too sweet and offered a satisfying and useful replenishment of energy and nourishment. I liked that they were 100% organic gels and that the ingredients were functional for your body and digestive system." - The MTB Lab

    "I am a gigantic fan of B-LINE and have passed it along to anyone I know- especially newbie runners. My entire Ragnar team had some this past weekend, and they fell in love with it. I hope you guys become more visible in the running community, as there are so many people that would benefit from B-LINE. I'm not a life long runner or fancy athlete to any degree. I've missed qualifying for Boston by minutes... and Saturday is attempt #13. I AM a food nerd and have worked in the food industry on every level for 21 years. I've worked a lot on recipe development and foods for people with allergies and stomach issues. Currently taking the Precision nutrition course and taking that nerditry to new levels. I get really excited when I find things that work and that just make sense and are made by people that get it. I have had such a hard time finding mid-run fuel that works and that I feel confident putting in to my body. So all that to say- Thank you SO MUCH for this product. Seriously. So much. I wish you guys also sold runner singlets, because I would wear the hell out of it... as for this weekend, maybe I'll have to get creative with some scissors, an old tshirt and a sharpie. All the best,  - Valerie I.


    "Hey- headed to Ohio to race Mohican 100 , Really love your product! - David P.


     "I absolutely love the product and would like to learn more about the company. Your product works and helped me more than you know during the 12 hrs of Santos race. Thanks and my number is above." - Andy H.


    "I found this product through a former coworker/friend who recommended I try it while training for my next tri. I gave it a try and am a big believer and have converted a few former 'gel' users to B-LINE. At first I was thrown off by the size but I realized that each pack is basically two doses and the fact that its resealable is a bonus compared to a lot of other products. The fact that the label/ingredients are plain as day and there are no mystery ingredients is a bonus for a guy that tries to keep it pretty lean and natural." -  T. Macon


     "I've been doing triathlons for years, eaten every gel known to man and experienced gut distress way too many times. I found B-LINE at the Boston Marathon and I've got a new go-to! My taste buds are happy, my gut is happy, I'm happy. The molasses pack is rad and super unique. The chia seeds are definitely different, but the added texture is way better than Gu like salty snot. B-LINE is the winner!" - TriGuy


    "I have used these for a while now. I find that they are easy to consume and I appreciate the well known ingredients that I actually understand. I use these when road or mountain bike riding for over an hour - about half a B-LINE pack every 45 minutes along with hydration to prevent bonk. These packs have about 2X the quantity of a regular gel so the resealable top is handy." - C. Guella


    "I've been XC for years and eaten every gel made and finally found one that doesn't cause gut-rot. It's organic, natural and has 5 flippin' ingredients I can pronounce. Who doesn't like honey and maple? This stuff rocks on pancakes too. B-LINE is the jam." -TriGuy


    "Love the coconut texture and the energy that this product gave me for my workout! I know what I am putting in my body and that gives me piece of mind."
    - Alex


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