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    How this party got started:

    In the woods, on a mountain, helmets on, and geared up and ready to go, a bunch of friends were on an epic weekend-long ride in the mountains. Laughing, pedaling, sun shining, dirt flying, and BAM… one goes down. No tree was hit, no wheels went flying but a nutritional BONK! His body wasn’t fueled correctly. His nutrition couldn't’ sustain the activity. So, he crashed. Hard.

    We realized the products which claimed they would give us energy; the products we would consume daily, were full of (for a lack of better words) crap. No real food. No nutritional value. Nothing that would benefit us as endurance athletes.

    That, my friends, is how B-LINE Natural Energy was born.

    All of our ingredients are all-natural, packed with the perfect balance of nutrition for whatever the day may bring you. Whether it’s atop your morning waffles, as a mid-day ‘pick me up,’ fuel for your workout, or re-fuel after a long day, B-LINE will supply your body the energy + nutrition is craves.


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