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    What is B-LINE?

    An all-natural, 100% organic energy gel made with 5 real food ingredients to increase stamina and endurance for athletes.

     What does it do?

    It’s a combination of fast absorbing carbohydrates for immediate energy.

     Why is it called it a gel when it’s made with real food?

    Generally speaking gels serve a single purpose, which is to provide the body with simple carbohydrates that are quickly utilized for energy. B-LINE provides the same functionality. However, unlike gels, B-LINE is made with real food ingredients which increases athletes' stamina and endurance more effectively.

     Where did the idea come from?

    A group of mountain bikers were on an epic, weekend long ride. One of them had a “super bonk” mid-trail. The rider proceeded to visit a dietician, post-trip, for nutrition advice. The cause of the bonk wasn’t complicated. His body reacted poorly to eating over engineered, non-food based supplements. The dietician recommended trying a combination of honey and molasses. The riders tried it, loved it and the seeds of B-LINE were planted.  

     What’s in it?

    Each flavor has five ingredients, which are listed on the pouch. There are no fillers, no binders and no added sugars.

     If sugar isn’t added, why is there so much sugar and where does it come from?

    Sugar = carbohydrates. Carbohydrates = energy. The importance of B-LINE’s sugars are that they are fast absorbing and easily digested. It’s a critical energy source and without sugar or carbohydrates the product would cease to be functional. The sugar is naturally occurring in each ingredient. For reference, a half pack has the same amount of sugar as an apple.

     How many servings per packet?

    Compared to traditional sized gels, at 2.5 oz. B-LINE is two servings. However it’s resealable, so it can be consumed over multiple occasions without the typical gel mess.

     What’s the shelf life?

    2 years. Due to the low water content and pH balance, the product doesn’t create an environment that’s conducive to the growth of bacteria.

     When do you use B-LINE?

    Typical consumption for physical activity is 15 minutes before and 45 minutes during for sustained energy. Everyone has different nutritional needs and metabolisms, so we suggest trying different amounts of food to increase stamina at different times.

    Who should eat B-LINE?

    It was designed for the endurance athlete, but it’s for anyone who needs a quick boost of energy during physical activity. Because it’s a food, it’s also pairs with waffles, oatmeal, granola, cookies or even smoothies.

    What’s up with the texture?

    To differentiate from gelatinous, pudding like gels, the chia seeds and shredded coconut are added to remind the consumer that it’s made with real food.

    How much does it cost?

    Each pouch is $3.50. Compared to most energy gels at 1.1 oz., B-line has twice the servings producing a $1.75 cost per serving. A box of 5 pouches is equal to approximately 11 packets of gels.

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