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    What is B-LINE?

    A 100% all-natural energy gel made with 5 or less real food ingredients to increase stamina, endurance and recovery.

    Who should eat B-LINE?

    It was initially designed for the endurance athlete, but it’s for anyone who needs fuel. Because it’s a food, it also pairs well with waffles, oatmeal, granola, cookies or even smoothies.

    When should I eat B-LINE?

    We like to say all day, every day since it’s real food, but depending on your energy state there’s a B-LINE that’s right for you. Grab a B-LINE Natural Energy when you need a snack or a quick pick-me-up. For maximum energy, uncap a pouch before or during your workout and take a re-FUEL following.    

    Athletes that eat B-LINE Natural Energy as a pre-workout typically consume it 15-20 minutes before exercise.  During a workout, B-LINE racing-FUEL is most effective when taken every 30 minutes to avoid a bonk.  After exercise, B-LINE re-FUEL is perfect within the first 20 minutes, so the body can quickly absorb the 10g of whey protein used.  However, everyone has different nutritional needs and metabolisms, so we suggest trying different B-LINE at different times.

    How is B-LINE different from all other energy gels?

    Let’s start with the fact that B-LINE is real food. Ever put an energy gel on waffles, smoothies or granola?  Didn’t think so. All our products are made with all-natural ingredients that taste great and are easily pronounced. There are no fillers, no binders and no added sugars. Unlike those other Franken-gels, B-LINE is made in a kitchen, not in a lab.

    What’s up with the texture?

    To differentiate from gelatinous, pudding like gels, the chia seeds and shredded coconut are added to remind the consumer that it’s made with real food.

    Where did the idea come from?

    A group of mountain bikers were on an epic, weekend long ride. One of them had a “super bonk” mid-trail. The rider proceeded to visit a dietician, post-trip, for nutrition advice. The cause of the bonk wasn’t complicated. His body reacted poorly to eating over engineered, non-food-based supplements. The dietician recommended trying a combination of honey and molasses. The riders tried it, loved it and the seeds of B-LINE were planted.  

    Is B-LINE Natural Energy safe for kids?

    Absolutely. If you have taste buds, you can eat it.  B-LINE is a superb alternative to the weird ingredient, fake sugar-filled, empty calorie snacks that kids eat.  Parents can feel good knowing that their kids are getting healthy nutrition. Plus, it’s resealable, so kids can try any flavor combo on that next pancake. The only product to note is our espresso racing-FUEL, which contains 50mg of caffeine. Kids already have enough energy, so unless they can drink a cup of coffee, let the natural energy of youth do the work.     

    Can B-LINE be part of any nutrition plan to train for an endurance event (road cycling, swimming, marathon, etc.)?

    Yes, please! B-LINE Natural Energy is real food energy, but it’s also carbohydrates for immediate and fast absorbing energy. Each line also has product specific benefits, which is a perfect fuel for any sport.

    B-LINE racing-FUEL contains 170mg of sodium to help offset electrolyte loss.  Sweating naturally reduces the amounts of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) in the body. Racing-FUEL helps replenish what you sweat. 

    B-LINE re-FUEL has 10g of whey protein isolate. Protein is the basic building block of muscle tissue, so we use protein to prevent the breakdown of tissue, which is a side effect of intense exercise.  We use whey isolate as it’s the purest form of whey. 

    How many servings per packet?

    Our Anytime fuel is 2.5 oz. and two servings. Our Racing fuels and Refuels are 1.2 oz., or one serving each.

    Does B-LINE need to be refrigerated?

    Negative Ghostrider. (Obscure reference to the 80’s smash hit “Top Gun”). None of our products require any fridge time. It’s also resealable, so you can have a taste of B-LINE now and another squeeze later. 

    Is B-LINE gluten-free?

    All the ingredients in B-LINE Natural Energy are natural and gluten-free.

    What type of protein is in B-LINE racing-Fuel?

    B-LINE racing-FUEL is made with 10 grams of whey protein isolate.  As protein is the basic building block of muscle tissue, we use protein to prevent the breakdown of muscle during exercise.  We’ve chosen to use whey as a protein source as it contains the most complete amino acid profile and is widely considered the best post-workout. We use isolate as it’s the purest form of whey. 

    Does B-LINE contain nuts?

    Nope. Our products do not contain any nut ingredients. Although our Pomegranate + Coconut is made with coconuts; coconuts aren’t nuts despite the namesake.  They are only seed containing fruit.  However, if you have a nut allergy, we recommend consulting your doctor about what foods to avoid.

    Where can I buy this energizing exercise elixir people call B-LINE? (Yes, we like to use alliteration.)

    B-LINE is sold in bike stores, running stores, outdoor retailers, grocery stores and online.  Check our store locator for your coolest, closest retailer.

    Why is it called it a gel when it’s made with real food?

    Generally speaking gels serve a single purpose, which is to provide the body with simple carbohydrates that are quickly utilized for energy. B-LINE provides the same functionality. However, unlike gels, B-LINE is made with real food ingredients which increases stamina and endurance more effectively. 

    What’s in it?

    Each flavor has five or less ingredients, which are listed on the pouch. There are no fillers, no binders and no added sugars.

    If sugar isn’t added, why is there so much sugar and where does it come from?

    Sugar = carbohydrates. Carbohydrates = energy. The importance of B-LINE’s sugars are that they are fast absorbing and easily digested. It’s a critical energy source and without sugar or carbohydrates the product would cease to be functional. The sugar is naturally occurring in each ingredient.

    What’s the shelf life?

    2 years. Due to the low water content and pH balance, the product doesn’t create an environment that’s conducive to the growth of bacteria.

    What if I receive a defective product?

    We’re tip-top when it comes to quality assurance, but if you find a damaged or defective product contact us with the quickness at info@uberendurance.com.  Send us a photo of the product and the date code information.  We’ll replace that sacred pouch of fast absorbing carbs immediately with a delightful, brand spankin’ new B-LINE. 

    Do you offer a subscription service?

    We’re working on it, but in the mean time we recommend you stock the pantry during that next shopping trip.


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