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    Our anytime fuel is a real food energy snack that gives your body what it needs: real food (seriously, it’s just real food), when you need it. We designed the product to provide immediate energy by using fast absorbing, all-natural ingredients that will leave your stomach happy and your brain/body ready to conquer the world.


    Throughout the day, you need to feed your body’s glycogen levels (carbohydrate molecule storage). When active, your body converts glycogen into glucose, a simple sugar, which muscles then use as a primary source of fuel to keep you going. This means that one’s ability to sustain activity can be limited by the amount of glucose in the body. By design, B-LINE anytime-fuel products are comprised of fast absorbing carbohydrates, which increase your blood sugar levels and provide immediate and sustainable energy. It is an all-natural way to prepare your body to feel & perform your absolute best.

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